Volume 17 Issue 4


Resin Infiltration Technique

Akash Bhatnagar. 17(4): 273.

Research Article

Evaluation of Malodor and its Association with Periodontitis in Orthodontic Patients

Priyanka Duhan, Seema Grover, MS Sidhu, Vikas Malik and Namrata Dogra. 17(4): 274-285.

Research Article

Antibacterial Activity and Setting Time of Glass Ionomer Cement Modified by Nano Gold and Nano Silver

Asmaa Abd-Elhakeem Metwally, Nour Habib, Yasser Fathi Gomaa and Cherif Adel Mohsen. 17(4): 286-291.

Research Article

An In-Vitro Study of Retentive Force for Prefabricated Posterior Zirconia Crowns Using Five Different Cements

Luz Adriana Rosato, Jung-Wei Chen, Clyde Roggenkamp and Jui-Min Su. 17(4): 292-301.

Research Article

Protective Effect of Low Concentrated Boric Acid in Oral Candidiasis: An In Vitro Study

Shikha Tarang, Tyler Ushio, Michael Harrison, Manisha Virdi, Joseph Franco, Laura Harris-Vieyra, Sonia Maria Rocha-Sanchez. 17(4): 302-308.

Case Report

Ehler Danlos Syndrome: Oral, Ocular Manifestations and Prophylactic Measures – A Rare Case Report

Raghavendra Havale, BS Sheetal, Kallappa Herakal, K Rajkumar Chowdary and G Anitha. 17(4): 309-317.

Research Article

Alveolar Reconstruction through Autologous Bone Grafts. Current Concepts

Sergio Augusto Luis Fernandes and Mario Utrilla Trinidad. 17(4): 318-322.

Mini Review

Microbiological Approach to Infections Derived from Periodontal Microbiome

Natasa Beader, Branka Bedenic and Tatjana Vilibic-Cavlek. 17(4): 323-325.

Review Article

Iatrogenic Effects of Orthodontic Treatment: Decision-Making in Diagnosis, Treatment and Modalities of Prevention

Ahmed Tareq Abdulrazzaq, Tamarah Sami and Padma Mukherjee. 17(4): 326-335.

Case Report

Orthodontic Movement in a Laterally Luxated Tooth: A Case Report

Darren Owens, David Waring, Emma Critchley and Suhail Bhatti. 17(4): 336-341.

Research Article

Medical Emergencies in Dental Practices Part II: Preparedness and Readiness of Riyadh Dentists

Nouf S Al-Hammad, Aljohara A Al-Hussyeen, Latifa A Alhowaish and Rana Y Al-Turki. 17(4): 342-352.

Case Report

Endodontic Treatment on Dilacerated Maxillary Canine with a Mesial Curvature and Apical Periodontitis

Norberto J Broon, Angélica Méndez Valdivia, Itzel Estefanía Hernández Meza, Eugenia Karina Martínez Carrillo, Gustavo Martín del Campo Plascencia and Katia Alcalá Barbosa. 17(4): 353-357.


Combined Digital and Traditional Bite Registration

Sadek Bakdach. 17(4): 358-359.

Research Article

Reasons for Late Dental Consultations at the Central Hospital of Yaoundé. Cameroon

Ashu Michael Agbor, Florentine Denmatou and Azodo CC. 17(4): 360-367.

Research Article

Development of Interdisciplinary Assessment of Critical Thinking in Dental Education

Niping Wang, Ahmad Abdelkarim, Amy Sullivan, William B Lushbaugh and Jennifer L Bain. 17(4): 375-385.


The Importance of Self-Care for Dentists

Rachel Hanson. 17(4): 386-388.

Thematic Article

Surgery First Orthognathic Approach (SFOA)-A New Thinking

Pradeep Muralidhar MV. 17(4): 395-400.

Review Article

Salivary Assessment in Dental Practice

Jeff Burgess. 17(4): 401-408.

Case Report

Ectopic Eruption of Teeth and their Management in Children: Literature Review and Case Reports

Bimal Chandra Kirtaniya, Sonia Tiwari, Satya Prakash, Swati Murmu and Saurav Kumar. 17(4): 409-418.


Anterior Crowding and Third Molars a Controversial Association

Begoña Moreno Fluxa, Stefan Domancic Alucema and Julio Villanueva Maffei. 17(4): 419-421.