Volume 17 Issue 12


Digital Dentistry

Devid Zille and Lara Dias. 17(12): 2088-2089.

Review Article

The Increased Prevalence of Malocclusion in Modern Humans: An Integrative Review

Silvana Silveira, Wilma Alexandre Simões, Francisco José Moraes Macedo and Patricia Valério. 17(12): 2097-2107.

Research Article

Behavioural Assessment of Gutkha Chewers amongst Adolescent and Young Working Male Population of Belgaum City, Karnataka State, India

Ramprasad Vasthare, Anil V Ankola, Pradeep S Tangade, Mamata I Hebbal and Prateek Mansingh. 17(12): 2136-2144.

Case Report

Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Oligodontia and Anterior Crossbite

Godwin Clovis Da Costa and Paul Chalakkal. 17(12): 2145-2149.

Research Article

A Retrospective Study of 2,536 Mandibular Fractures in Different Ages Over a Period of 9-Year

Chanda Shehzadi, Nabeela Riaz and Rabia Zulfiqar. 17(12): 2155-2160.

Research Article

Differences in Self-Perceived Pain and Jaw Discomfort Between Adult and Adolescent Orthodontic Patients

Afnan Zealaiy, Shahd Sokhairi, Alaa Rhbeini, Bashair Alsaud, Waeil Batwa, Ibtesam Alzain and Khalid Zawawi. 17(12): 2167-2174.

Research Article

In-Office Bleaching Induced Color Change and Microhardness of Tooth-Colored Restorative Materials

Wasif Iqbal, Abdur Rehman and Sehar Naz Faruqi. 17(12): 2190-2197.

Case Report

Socket Grafting Large Defects with Delayed Implant Placement

L Massa and JA von Fraunhofer. 17(12): 2207-2212.

Mini Review

Ocular Prosthesis - A Mini Review

Neeraja Turagam and Durga Prasad Mudrakola. 17(12): 2213-2214.

Research Article

Assessment of Dental Implants with two Different Crown Materials and Using Two Different Loading Protocols-Clinical and Radiographic Study

Alhassan Khalid Alsaiari, Talal Najem, Meshall Almintakh, Yazeed Khalofa, Rami M Galal and Waleed M Alqahtani. 17(12): 2215-2223.

Clinical Image

A Diamond in the Rough, Shine on Your Crazy Diamond

Joel Fransen. 17(12): 2224-2226.

Research Article

Practice of Cross-Contamination Prevention among Dental Laboratory Technicians in the City of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia

Abdulsalam Khalil Ezzat, Lulwa Ebrahim Al-Turki, Ibrahim Abdulshakour Yamany and Linah Mohammed Ahmed Ashy. 17(12): 2227-2238.

Case Series

Anterior Maxillary Dentigerous Cyst with Supernumerary Tooth- Case Series and Review of Literature

Sheetal Kelkar, Rinku Kalra, Ridhima Waghule, Umesh Dombale and Revati Bhaskar. 17(12): 2239-2248.

Case Report

Rehabilitation of Long Span Marginal Mandibulectomy Case Using Extracoronal Attachment

Bhushan Kumar, Prabhdeep Kaur Sandhu and A Navin Kumar. 17(12): 2249-2253.