Volume 17 Issue 10


Orthodontic Awareness

Himija Karia. 17(10):1664-1665.

Research Article

Comparison between Led and Halogen Photoinitiator Systems on Setting Time for Different Thickness of Resin-Based Composite for Various Seconds

Nasser AI Saif, Abdulaziz AI Amri, Abdulwahed Alhuqayl, Sultan AI Shalan and Lhab M Moussa. 17(10): 1666-1672.

Case Report

Waardenburg Syndrome: A Rare Cause of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Infancy

Mohamed Amine Allouane, Rabii Laababsi, Mohamed Beghdad, Sami Rouadi, Reda Abada, Mohamed Roubal and Mohamed Mahtar. 17(10): 1680-1684.

Research Article

Assessment of Attitude, Knowledge and Awareness towards Oral Health and Periodontal Diseases among Medical Professionals in Hazaribag District, Jharkhand, India

Mohammed Ahsan Razi, Surangama Debnath, Puja Kumari, Swati Singh, Nitesh Kumar and Shekhar Prashant. 17(10): 1685-1692.

Short Communication

Survey of the Prevalence of Dental Calculus among Preschool Children in Shiraz

Mohammad Karimi D.M.D and B.S. 17(10): 1693-1694.

Research Article

Dental Caries Prevalence among 12 - 15 Years Old Residential and Non- Residential School Children: A Comparative Study

Vinej Somaraj, Karthika CP, Roshni RS, Nirmal Priya, Radha T and Meharaj K. 17(10): 1695-1698.

Research Article

Music as a Non-Pharmacological Method for Anxiety Management in Routine Dental Procedures

Mohannad Alif and Shehreyar Chaudhry. 17(10): 1710-1718.

Case Report

Dens Invaginatus (Type IIIA) with an Associated Caries on Right Maxillary Second Molar

Tatua Thomas, Zheng Jiwei, Qin Ying and Sun Jinhu. 17(10): 1729-1734.

Mini Review

The Effect of Electric Cigarette Smoking, do we have Enough Evidence?

Hana Gadalla, Walid Harsha, Ana Janic, Omar Zaki, Ayah Koleilat, Dema Mahjoub and Bassam Kinaia. 17(10): 1735-1738.

Research Article

Evaluation of Postoperative Pain after Using Bioceramic Materials as Endodontic Sealers

Ana Paz, Isabel Vasconcelos and António Ginjeira. 17(10): 1739-1748.

Review Article

Aloe vera - A Herbal Panacea for Periodontal Disease?

Kavita Chandrasekaran, Mohammed Salman, Sunil Kumar D Chavan. 17(10): 1749-1758.

Research Article

Acidic and Alcoholic Beverages and Teeth, with Clinical Advisories

Louis ZG Touyz, Sarah JJTouyz and Leonardo M Nassani. 17(10): 1759-1765.

Review Article

The Use of Probiotics in Prevention and Treatment of Oral Diseases

Nader A Masarwa, Hind F Al-Nsour, Haneen F Al-Awabdeh and Khattar S Haddadin. 17(10): 1783-1791.

Mini Review

Types of Cancer Disease, Carcinogenesis and Some Epidemiological View: A Mini Review

Chateen I Ali Pambuk and Fatma Mustafa Muhammad. 17(10): 1792-1794.

Mini Review

Palpation Muscular in DTMS: Sensitivity and Specificity Review of Article

Andre Mascarenhas Diomede, Valeria Giannini and Miyashita E. 17(10): 1795-1796.