Volume 16 Issue 6


Occupational Hazard in Dentistry

Abbas AY Taher. 16(6): 241.

Research Article

The Effectiveness of Bimaxillary Osteotomy on the Psychological and Functional Status of Patients

Mohammed Zahid, Mohammed Al-Qarni, Nasser Al-Asseri and Zuhair Moosa. 16(6): 242-248.

Research Article

Ultrasonic Excavator

Abdulbadea A Altukroni, Mohammad A Alabduh and Bahget khliaeil. 16(6): 249-254.

Conceptual Paper

Scientific Logic Language as a New Paradigm in Masticatory Rehabilitation. Part 1

Gianni Frisardi and Flavio Frisardi. 16(6): 263-268.

Review Article

A Review of Behavior Evaluation Scales in Pediatric Dentistry and Suggested Modification to the Frankl Scale

Hicham Riba, Saleha Al-Zahrani, Noura Al-Buqmi and Azzam Al-Jundi. 16(6): 269-275.