Volume 16 Issue 4


Oral Health in the Serbian Rural Districts

Ivan Tanasić. 16(4): 135.

Research Article

In Vitro Bioactivity and Antibacterial Activity of Zn and Sr Containing Glass Ionomer Cement Prepared by a Quick Alkali-Mediated Sol-Gel Method

Taha M Tiama, Nagy Abd El Sameea, Khairy M Tohamy and Islam E Soliman. 16(4): 136-146.

Case Report

Intra Oral Camera - Additional Simple Tool in Diagnosis of Infracted and Fractured Tooth Roots

Ćatović A, Hrelja M, Ćatović D, Ćatović Dž and Hrelja I. 16(4): 147-149.

Case Report

Un-usual Age and Site of Oral Mucoceles, and Literature Review

Ghazala Khalifa Aljali Abdelsalam, Hamed Orafi and Soukiana Al-Shibani. 16(4): 150-153.

Mini Review

TMJ Arthroscopy

Jiane Gilliet Beira. 16(4): 154-155.

Review Article

Implants for General Dentists

Dustin Pfundheller. 16(4): 156-165.