Volume 12 Issue 3

Research Article

Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Lebanese Dentists

Lamia Abi Aad. 12(3): 101-110.

Research Article

Debris Removal Ability of Four Irrigating Solutions Used During Root Canal Treatment

Jorge Paredes Vieyra, Francisco Javier Jimenez Enriquez, Fabian Ocampo Acosta and Aldo Ruben Hernandez Vega. 12(3): 111-114.

Review Article

Simulation in Dentistry

Anushka Tavkar and Ajinkya Pawar. 12(3): 115-121.

Review Article

Unhealthy Mouth = Unhealthy Body

Carol Wells. 12(3): 122-128.

Case Report

Use of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in the Treatment of Horizontal Root Fractures of Permanent Teeth: Cases Report

Fatma Masmoudi Baccouche, Imene Gharbi, Anouar Sebai, Zied Baccouche and Fethi Maatouk. 12(3): 129-140.