Volume 11 Issue 2


Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Katayoun Borhan Mojabi. 11(2): 47-48.

Case Report

Successful Endodontic Management of Complicated Radix Entomolaris: Report of Two Cases

Kanchan Bhagat, Munish Goel, Sandeep Gupta, Gurmeet Sachdeva and Neeru Bhagat. 11(2): 49-54.

Research Article

Study of Stress and Deformation of Double Key Loop Orthodontic Archwire on the Finite Element Method

Tábitha Olicshevis Bassani, Thiago Bassani, Siddartha Uhrigshardt Silva, Ana Cláudia Moreira Melo Toyofuku and Augusto Andrighetto. 11(2): 63-67.

Review Article

New Root Canal Obturation Techniques: A Review

Girish Kulkarni. 11(2): 68-76.