EC Dental Science

Opinion Volume 22 Issue 6 - 2023

Commercial Influence in Dental Research: An Evolutionary Perspective

Saleh Al Daghreer*

Orthodontist/Clinical Assistant Professor, Canada

*Corresponding Author: Saleh Al Daghreer, Orthodontist/Clinical Assistant Professor, Canada.
Received: April 29, 2023; Published: May 20, 2023

This editorial explores the trend of increasing commercial influence in the dental field over the past six decades (1960s-2010s), focusing on the potential impact on evidence generation, research bias, and promotion of ineffective technologies. Through a historical analysis, we identify key periods of change and provide recommendations for future research transparency and independence.

Keywords: Dental Research; Research Bias; Ineffective Technologies

Saleh Al Daghreer. "Commercial Influence in Dental Research: An Evolutionary Perspective". EC Dental Science 22.6 (2023): 51-52.