EC Dental Science

Case Report Volume 22 Issue 3 - 2023

Case Report: A Multidisciplinary Management of Anterior Teeth Loss in the Maxilla

Loan Lam*

Dentistry, Graduate, University of Montreal, Montréal, QC, H3J 1M5, Canada

*Corresponding Author: Loan Lam, Dentistry, Graduate, University of Montreal, Montréal, QC, H3J 1M5, Canada.
Received: January 27, 2023; Published: February 16, 2023

Aesthetic rehabilitation is one of the objectives of prosthodontic practice, which is complemented by advances in implantology. While implant techniques have provided solutions to most clinical scenarios, the loss of bone over targeted implant sites presents important challenges to restorative attempts [1]. In the case presented here, a 55-year old with a longstanding anterior maxillary tooth loss is found to need extraction of adjacent teeth numbers 12 and 21, followed by placement of implants. However, longstanding bone resorption resulted in insufficient bone over the implant site, calling for bone augmentation and delayed implant placement [5]. In addition, a combination of severe orthodontic disorders, parafunctional habits, and high expectations threated the predicted performance and acceptability of the implants. The multidisciplinary approach adopted to overcome these challenges entailed orthodontic intervention, two-stage bone grafting using a guided bone reaeration technique that utilized platelet rich fibrin, and delayed implant placement. The assessment of bone volume was complemented by cone beam CT scans, which allowed for optimal timing of implant placement and confirmed structural adequacy of the implants.

Keywords: Multidisciplinary Management; Anterior Teeth Loss; Maxilla; Aesthetic Rehabilitation

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Loan Lam. “Case Report: A Multidisciplinary Management of Anterior Teeth Loss in the Maxilla”.”. EC Dental Science 22.3 (2023): 38-50.