Volume 8 Issue 8


Clinical Implication of Atrial Repolarization: Limitations of the Conventional Electrocardiogram in its Interpretation

Osmar Antonio Centurión, José F Alderete and José C Candia. 8(8): 01-02.

Research Article

Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Evolutionary and Prognostic Aspect in the Cardiology Department of the Ignace Deen National Hospital

Balde El Hadj Yaya, Barry IS, Baldé IS, Bah MBM, Camara A, Béavogui M, Sylla IS, Baldé AT, Baldé MA, Koné A, Diakité S, Baldé MD and Condé M. 8(8): 11-17.

Review Article

Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation Programs in Private Practice and the Public Health Sector: A Comprehensive and Practical Review of How Populations Become Addicted to Nicotine and Programs for Tobacco Smoking Cessation

Nicholas A Kerna, John V Flores, Hilary M Holets, Abdullah Hafid, Kevin D Pruitt, ND Victor Carsrud, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Joseph Anderson II, Sahalia Rashid and Zeyad Albadri. 8(8): 25-37.

Case Report

Aorta to the Right Atrial Tunnel (ARAT): A Case Report

Shanika Wijayalath, K Tillakaratne, Raghunathan and S Perera. 8(8): 18-22.

Mini Review

Cellular Pathology of COVID on the Heart: A Mini-Review

Sheila Fatehpur, Johann Philipp Addicks, Josefina Kusnirova, Pouria Sabetian, Muhammad Akram and Mirzaie Masoud. 8(8): 03-10.