Volume 8 Issue 11

Research Article

Evaluation of Renal Function by Modification of Diet in Renal Disease in Surviving Patients of Acute Coronary Syndrome at the Cardiology Department of Ignace Deen National Hospital

Beavogui M, Balde MD, Balde EY, Sow Aminata, Kone A, Balde MA, Camara A, Samoura A, Bah Amm and Kaba Ml. 8(11): 01-05.

Review Article

Mindfulness Miscellany: Therapeutic Indications and Contraindications of Various Meditation Techniques on Specific Human Biomarkers and Conditions, Including Potential Immunomodulation in COVID-19

Nicholas A Kerna, ND Victor Carsrud, Joseph Anderson II, John V Flores, Sahalia Rashid, Hilary M Holets and Sudeep Chawla. 8(11): 06-15.

Review Article

Coffee Drinking and the Human Heart: Cardio-Supportive Effects of Accustomed Coffee-Consumption

Nicholas A Kerna, Sahalia Rashid, Sudeep Chawla, ND Victor Carsrud, Joseph Anderson II, Kevin D Pruitt, John V Flores and Hilary M Holets. 8(11): 30-38.