Volume 8 Issue 1


Oral Anticoagulation Therapy in Era of Integrated Care

Humberto Morais. 8(1): 28-30.

Research Article

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Services Delivery for Cardiovascular Disease Patients: A Bird’s Eye View

Desire Aime Nshimirimana, Donald Kokonya, Anthony Gikonyo, Premanand Ponoth, Dan Gikonyo, Betty Gikonyo and Japheth Mativo Nzioki. 8(1): 31-46.

Review Article

Cardiogenic Dementia: The Role of Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion in Cardiogenic Dementia and Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases

Nicholas A Kerna, Kevin D Pruitt, Kyle Kadivi, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Olufemi Odugbemi, Oluwatosin A Atolagbe, Shain Waugh and Emmanuella Solomon. 8(1): 47-53.

Research Article

Anatomical Relationship of the Saphenous Nerve to Primary Great Saphenous Varicosity in the Legs of an Asian Population

Yun-Nan Lin, Su-Shin Lee, Shu-Hung Huang, Chia-Ming Liu, Chih-Hau Chang, Meng-Chien Hsieh, I-Wen Lin, Yur- Ren Kuo and Sin-Daw Lin. 8(1): 01-09.

Research Article

Meat Consumption Behaviors among Cardiac Patients: The Dilemma of Red Meat and White Meat

Abeera Azam, Rehnuma Alam, Srija Shanker, Samina Tariq and M Akram Khan. 8(1): 10-18.

Review Article

Integrated Management of Patients on Anti-coagulation Therapy (IMPACT): A Review and Expert Opinion

Suvro Banerjee, Aparna Jaswal and Y Shiva Kumar. 8(1): 19-24.

Case Report

CABG in a Patient with Dextrocardia and Situs Inversus

Jennifer Crabbe, Mubarak Chaudhry, Mahmoud Loubani and Azar Hussain. 8(1): 25-27.

Mini Review

Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Postcardiotomy in Adult Patients

Youssef Ettaoumi and Elmrabet Rida. 8(1): 57-60.