Volume 7 Issue 5


QRS Dispersion, a New Variable to Value the Prediction of Cardiovascular Risk in Hypertensive Patients

Elibet Chávez-González and Arnaldo Rodríguez León. 7(5): 14-16.

Research Article

Comparative Assessment of DOrsal Radial Artery Access with Classical Radial Artery Access for Percutaneous Coronary Angiography-A Randomized Control Trial (DORA Trial)

Awadhesh kumar Sharma, Sameer Sarraf, MM Razi, Akhil Sharma, Santosh Sinha, Umeshwar Pandey and Neeraj Prakash. 7(5): 41-52.

Review Article

The Search for “Herbs Superior” to Improve Cardiovascular Function, Boost Endurance Capacity, and Mitigate Metabolic Dysfunction

Nicholas A Kerna, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Abdullah Hafid, Priscilla Anusiem, Shain Waugh, Silile Ndhlovu Dube and Onyeka Olisemeka. 7(5): 21-30.

Research Article

Incidence of Left Atrial Appendage Clot in Patients of Severe Mitral Stenosis - A Large Observational Study at a Tertiary Level Cardiac Centre In India

Awadhesh Kumar Sharma, Neeraj Prakash, MM Razi, Santosh Sinha, Umeshwar Pandey and Ramesh Thakur. 7(5): 31-40.

Short Communication

Antisense Therapy at-a- Glance

Nagwan Mahmoud Salama. 7(5): 05-06.

Case Report

Caseous Necrosis of the Mitral Valve: A Rare Case Report

David Makarious, Suzanne Eshoo and Peter Fahmy. 7(5): 69-71.

Research Article

Effect of Alpha1(A)-Adrenoreceptors Stimulation on Isolated Rat Heart Coronary Circulation in Ontogenesis

Timur Zefirov, Insaf Khabibrakhmanov, Anna Kuptsova and Nafisa Ziyatdinova. 7(5): 05-06.

Case Report

A Giant Left Atrial Myxoma Causing Acute Heart Failure

Kaoutar Benjaout, Oussama Ouadfel, Othman Ammor, Mehdi Benali and Mouhcine Madani. 7(5): 01-04.

Mini Review

The Importance of Oral Health Care In Children with Heart Disease

Samah Alasrawi, Futoun Amin and Younes Alesrawi. 7(5): 17-20.

Research Article

Usefulness of Carotid Ultrasound in Patients with Intermediate Pretest Probability of Coronary Artery Disease

Ahmad Abdelaziz, Ragab A Mahfouz and Ghada A Kazamel. 7(5): 82-91.