Volume 7 Issue 10


COVID 19 and Cardiovascular Disease: A Reality Check

Hakim Irfan Showkat. 7(10): 45-47.

Research Article

Secondary Mitral Regurgitation Impact on Symptoms and Prognosis in a Moroccan Population of Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction Patients

Meryem Haboub, H Mechal, M Elmoussaid, MA Boutaleb, K Mounaouir, ME Benouna, A Drighil, L Azzouzi and R Habbal. 7(10): 48-53.

Case Report

Culotte Stenting as a Bailout to Crush the Failure in a Case of Failed Crush Stenting

Santosh Kumar Sinha, Umeshwar Pandey, Awadesh Kumar Sharma and Mahmodullah Razi. 7(10): 10-14.

Research Article

Awareness of the Public about Sudden Cardiac Death in Saudi Arabia

Wafa Ali Aldawood, Fatimah Jafar Al-jass, Fatimah Ahmed Alnabi, Rawabi Jawad Alradhi, Sawsan Mohammed Nour Shukri, Israa Ali Alyousef, Fatimah Abdrabalridha Bukhamsin, Bayan Hadi Alshola, Ghufran Hussain Al-Abdullah and Zainb Maki Alzawad. 7(10): 24-32.

Case Report

Vitamin D Deficiency in the Setting of Multiple Sclerosis - A Case Report and Literature Review

Ramy Ibrahim, Jose Ruben Hermann, Irina Dashkova and Anna Dashkova. 7(10): 54-59.