Volume 6 Issue 2

Research Article

Evaluation of Contrast Amount in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

Syed Fayaz Mujtaba, Tahir Saghir, Jawaid Akbar Sial, Khalid Nasseb and Musa Karim. 6(2): 102-108.

Case Report

Simultaneous Aortic and Mitral Valve Replacement through a Minimally Invasive 3D Videoassisted Approach

Rosa Liliana Silva Flores, Héctor Rafael Díaz García, Carlos Alberto Jiménez Fernández, Luis Enrique Higuera Medina, Oscar Sergio Lomelí Sánchez, Graziella Alexandra Gálvez Blanco, Carlos Daniel Higuera Medina and Benigno Ferreira Piña. 6(2): 123-129.

Research Article

Cardioprotective Effects of Aqueous Leave Extract of Desmodium adscendens

Seriki SA and Odetola AO. 6(2): 130-139.

Short Communication

Vasovagal Syncope Mimic Epileptic Seizure

Saima Khan. 6(2): 144-145.

Research Article Best Article of the Issue

Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) in Clinica Girassol in Luanda (Angola)

Tomás Méndez Peralta, Luís Mariano, António Filipe Júnior and Luana Azevedo. 6(2): 146-154.

Review Article

Risk Factors in Ischemic Heart Disease

Daniela Genovese. 6(2): 155-159.

Case Report

The Respect for Different Beliefs as Incentive for Progress: Successful Orthotopic Heart Transplantation in a Jehovah’s Witness

Mariantonietta Piscitelli, Cynthia Barilaro, Khalil Khemiri, Jean Paul Couetil and Antonio Fiore. 6(2): 160-162.

Mini Review

Cardiovascular Imaging for Investigation of Cardiovascular Diseases

Ram B Singh, Galal Eldin Nagob-Elkilany, Krasimira Hristova, Dominik Pella, Mary Anne Sacayanan Olpindo and Ibrahim Kabbash. 6(2): 163-166.

Case Report

Oxidative Stress and Anaphylaxis in Polytherapy: Discussion of a Clinical Case

Mansour H Mohamed and Mansour M Hussein. 6(2): 167-176.