Volume 6 Issue 10

Research article

The Effects of Bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Patients with Epinephrine Administration

Hiroshi Otani, Ryo Sagisaka, Hideharu Tanaka, Hiroshi Takyu, Toru Shirakawa, Shota Tanaka and Tsutomu Komine. 6(10): 1049-1059.

Review Article

Microparticles Involvement in Ischaemic Events. The Case of Pre-Eclampsia

Antonio Ponzetto, Maria Augusta Roos and Andrea Caccioppo. 6(10): 1018-1025.

Case Report

Deep Venous Thrombosis Revealing Agenesis of Inferior Vena Cava

AE Ladaoui, B Moufadel, O Belmaachi, Y Boukssim, S Lyazidi and Y Ettaoumi. 6(10): 1014-1017.

Research Article

The Impact of Pharmaceutical Care in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (CT-ICU) of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu

Gbenimachor NM, Nwafor MN, Onodugo CI, Onwubere BJ, Nwafor IA and Okonkwor I. 6(10): 1026-1036.

Research Article

Dietary and Lifestyle Impact on Different Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in Indian Children

Cristina Vassalle, Claudio Marabotti, Siddiqui Khawer Naveed, Roy Arun, Irene Traghella, Francesca Mastorci, Alberto Marabotti, Das Apabrita Ayan, Banerjee Tanima, Chakravarty Devasmita, Bandyopadhyay Arun, Kyriazoula Chatzianagnostou, Mirko Passera, Simona Storti and Alessandro Pingitore. 6(10): 1002-1009.

Case Report

Aortic Valve Calcification Induced Mitral Stenosis

Tony Bechara. 6(10): 998-1001.

Research Article

Use of Hypoxic Gas Admixture (Subambient) Prior to Norwood and its Impact on the Norwood Hospitalization

Umair Abbas, Saul Flores, Josh Wong and Rohit S Loomba. 6(10): 926-932.

Letter to Editor

High Sensitivity Troponin I. What is the Advantage?

Nivas Balasubramaniyam and Mohammad Ziaul Hoque. 6(10): 1010-1011.

Review Article

Patent Arterial Duct by Premature Infants - Changing Therapeutic Approaches

Zornitsa Vassileva and Valentin Govedarski. 6(10): 1060-1065.

Short Communication

Approach to Instent Cto

Mehmet Akif Erdol, Ahmet Goktug Ertem, Cagri Yayla, Bilal Ozbay and Adnan Burak Akcay. 6(10): 1072-1073.

Case Study

Thiamin and Riboflavin Therapy Indicated Etiology of Pterygium

Benjamin Yuehtung Lee and Julia H Bai. 6(10): 1074-1075.

Research Article

Obesity and High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Level in Indian Population

Vikram Singh, Pratima Tripathi, Mridu Singh, Manish Raj Kulshrestha and Vandana Tiwari. 6(10): 1082-1088.

Case Series

Uncovering Pneumonia: Comparing Chest Radiograph to Computed Tomography: An Analysis

Fariah Oshow, Anthony Gikonyo, Shango Irungu, Kiendi Kinoti, Cynthia Sempele and Premanand Ponoth. 6(10): 1089-1093.