Volume 5 Issue 8


Decline in Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol by Pharmacotherapy and the Risk of New-Onset Diabetes

Jan Fedacko, Mami Noda, Ram B Singh, Viliam Mojto, Jarmila Kucharaska, Anna Gvozdjakova, Mohammed Bassim I, Hadi Najah R, Jabber Huda and Galal Elkilany. 5(8): 486-495.

Research Article

Prasugrel and Clopidogrel in Patients with STEMI Undergoing Primary PCI in the Prasugrel Core Population in Clinical Practice. Results from the Prospective ALKK PCI-Registry

Patrick Riedmaier, Matthias Hochadel, Nicholas Werner, Harald Darius, Sebastian Kerber, Hüseyin Ince, Tobias Härle, Burghard Schumacher, Bernhard Zrenner, Thomas Brummer, Martin Beyer, Ralf Zahn and Uwe Zeymer. 5(8): 496-505.

Research Article

Use of Vancomycin in the Prevention of Superficial and Deep Infections after Sternotomy

Helmgton JB Souza, Thiago do Amaral Cavalcante, Leonardo Jadyr Silva Rodrigues Alves, Rafael Ramos Amaral, Diogo Assis Souza, Felipe Bruno Santos da Cunha, Henrique Louzan Machado, Isaac Azevedo Silva, Marcus Vinícius N Santos, Glauco Kalil Pina, Luiz Sérgio Alves-Silva and Ricardo Barros Corso. 5(8): 506-513.

Research Article

Incidence and Outcomes of Kawasaki Shock Syndrome in United States: 2004-2014

Hitesh Agrawal, Carolyn A Altman, Thomas J Seery, Marietta M De Guzman, Andrea A Ramirez and S Kristen Sexson Tejtel. 5(8): 514-522.

Review Article

Pharmacokinetic Properties of a Fixed-Dose Combination of Bisoprolol and Amlodipine

Ulrike Gottwald-Hostalek and Sumedh Gaikwad. 5(8): 523-532.

Review Article

Matter of the Heart: The Heart Matters: Marathons and (IM) Mortality!

Sonia Mishra BA, Ajay Mishra and JP Mishra MBBS, MD, FACC. 5(8): 533-542.

Case Report

Crash Call for Tongue Swelling: Is it Anaphylaxis

Zia Mehmood, Najeeb Shah, Usman Ahmad, Mohamed Taha, Nouman Arshad and Ali Ali. 5(8): 543-545.

Research Article

Tpeak-Tend Dispersion and the Presence of Significant Coronary Stenosis in Patients with Chronic Stable Angina

Marcelo Puga Bravo, Yisel Gallardo Medina, Boris Guerra Pelegrín and Erika Puga Bravo. 5(8): 546-550.


FDA Approved - Heart Attack Notifier

Lee-El Bublil. 5(8): 551-552.

Research Article

Usefulness of TR Pneumatic Compression Band in Transradial Cardiac Catheterization

Muhammad Waqas Mazhar Qureshi, Zahid Iqbal and Han Naung Tun. 5(8): 563-571.

Review Article

Fluid Resuscitation in the Management of Hemorrhagic Shock: Which Fluid to Give?

Ozgur Karcioglu and Banu Arslan. 5(8): 581-588.

Research Article

Effect of Body Position on a Mobile, Vector-Derived, 12-Lead Electrocardiogram

Péter Kenedi, István Préda, Jessica Thuer, Ádám Székely, Marcus Skribek, David Triebl, Athar Abu Helou and Markus Riemenschneider. 5(8): 589-595.

Research Article

Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Risk Profile in Cameroon: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Sub-Saharan African (SSA) Setting

Liliane Mfeukeu-Kuate, Ahmadou Musa Jingi, Jerome Boombhi, Edvine Wawo Yonta, Jean Jacques Noubiap, Ba Hamadou, Chris Nadège Nganou-Gnindjio, Clovis Nkoke, Sylvie Ndongo Amougou, Aurel T Tankeu, Alain Patrick Menanga, Eugène Sobngwi and Samuel Kingue. 5(8): 596-605.

Research Article

Age Influence in Clinical Descends in Patients Submitted to Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting?

Tatiane da Luz Santos, Rosana de Jesus Santana, André Luiz Lisboa Cordeiro, Edmilson da Rocha Júnior, Inamara de Sousa Andrade Silva, Giulian Guedes and André Raimundo França Guimarães. 5(8): 606-611.