Volume 5 Issue 3


Atrial Fibrillation in Congestive Heart Failure: Two Winding Roads Leading to a Profound Precipice

Osmar Antonio Centurión, Laura Beatriz García, Alberto Marecos and Karina Elizabeth Scavenius. 5(3): 69-73.

Research Article

Is Video Assisted Thoracoscopy (VATS) Satisfactory Tool for Evacuation of Post-Traumatic Hemothorax?

Hany El Rakhawy, Basem Mofreh, Ayman Ghoniem, Esam Hassan, Tamer Khatab, Mahmoud Ghalwash, Anwar Amin, Wheed Mahdy, Mahmoud Elemam, Moataz Rezk and Mohamed Abdelwahab Alassal. 5(3): 74-81.

Research Article Best Article of the Issue

Association Between Angiotensinogen Gene M235T Polymorphism and Plasma Angiotensinogen Level in Essential Hypertension

Khin Snadar OO, Khin Win Sein, Soe Han and Han Naung Tun. 5(3): 82-89.

Case Report

A Rare Case of Rheumatic Valvular Heart Disease with Multivalvular Affection: A Case Report

Mahmoud Abdelnaby, Abdallah Almaghraby, Ashraf El Amin, Yehia Saleh and Haitham Badran. 5(3): 90-93.

Case Report

Two Simultaneous Ventricular Tachycardias in a Structurally Normal Heart: A Case Report and Literature Review

Muhammad Tariq Shakoor, Khawar Masood and Mathias Stoenescu. 5(3): 94-101.

Research Article

Systemic and Relapsing Nature of Temporal Arteritis

Miklós Bély and Ágnes Apáthy. 5(3): 102-117.

Review Article

Hypertension in Childhood: A Growing Concern

Prashant Agarwal and Munesh Tomar. 5(3): 118-131.

Case Report

Two Extinct Valves in One Patient Survived for 35 Years: A Case Report

Mahmoud Abdelnaby, Abdallah Almaghraby and Yehia Saleh. 5(3): 132-134.


Complications in Open Repair of the Aortic Arch: Tips for Prevention and Tricks for Management

Luca Di Marco, Giacomo Murana and Andrea Castelli. 5(3): 135-137.

Review Article

Should We Screen All Elderly Patients with AF for Sleep-Disordered Breathing?

Eysenck W, Sulke N, Veasey R, Patel NR and Furniss S. 5(3): 138-142.

Case Report

Doc, Can I Continue to Play Sports?: Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC)

Sonia Mishra, Ajay Mishra and JP Mishra. 5(3): 143-149.