Volume 4 Issue 2


Cardiovascular Paradigms: Time for Reappraisal

A Heitor Reis. 4(2): 39-41.

Review Article

Implantable Loop Recorder for Arrhythmia Detection and Monitoring

Eysenck W, Veasey RA, Patel NR, Furniss S and Sulke N. 4(2): 42-51.

Review Article

Basic Understanding of Supraventricular Tachycardia for Post Graduates

Sachin Sondhi, Ayushi Mehta, Vikas Banayal and Munish Dev. 4(2): 57-73.

Case Report

A Squeezed Heart: ECG Changes with Pectus Excavatum

Ajay K Sharma, Loveena Lama and Sarju Ganatra. 4(2): 78-80.