Volume 3 Issue 9


Editorial on Coronavirus World Reality

Sebastião David Santos-Filho. 3(9): 07-08.

Research Article

Antimicrobial Effect of Ear Wax (Cerumen auris) on Some Animal Pathogens

Rehab Mohamed Atta El-Desoukey, Afnan F Alqhtani, Alanoud M Alqhtani, Bayan B Algabiri, Rola S Alqhtani, Sadeem S Alsuhaimi, Shahad A Alrabia, Ozof A Alghtani, Faiza KU Hamid, Latifah A Alhuomaid, Hala A Alsahli and Wafa F Alqhtani. 3(9): 01-06.

Review Article

Epilepsy and Grossesse: Context and Care

Lemahafaka Jemissair Glorien, Razafimahefa Julien, Fenomanana Maminirina Sonia and Tehindrazanarivelo Alain Djacoba. 3(9): 26-30.

Case Report

Osteosarcoma of Left Metatarsal Bone. A Case Report

Chhaya Rani Shevra, Akansha Srivastav and Mayank Singh. 3(9): 09-13.

Case Report

Primary Pelvic Nocardiosis Causing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in an Immunocompetent Individual - An Unusual Case Presentation

Tapan Majumdar, Sibabrata Bhattacharya, Mousumi Paul and Jayanta Ray. 3(9): 14-18.

Case Report

A Case Report of Epiploic Appendagitis that did not Respond to Conservative Management

Yana Puckett, Jamesa Fabien and Catherine A Ronaghan. 3(9): 23-25.

Research Article

Misappropriation of Self-Directed Learning: A Case Study

Sarita Deshpande and Ravindra Kumar Prajapati. 3(9): 44-56.

Mini Review

Promising Treatment of Patients with Coronavirus Infection

Frantsuzov Vitaly Nikolayevich, Dvornikov Mikhail Vyacheslavovich and Medenkov Alexander Alexeyevich. 3(9): 57-63.

Research Article

Protective Effect of Shenqi Fuzheng Injection on Myocardial Depression with Septic Shock

Jiang Li, Kang Zhiqin and Wang Jiani. 3(9): 64-73.

Research Article

A Case Study Using Mitochondrial Genomes of the Order Diprotodontia (Australasian Marsupials) Suggests that Single Ortholog is Not Sufficient for Phylogeny

Victor CC Wang, Nur Jannah Kamarudin, Xue Ting Tan, Avettra Ramesh, Shermaine SM Chew, Madhurya V Murthy, Nikita V Yablochkin, Karthiga Mathivanan and Maurice HT Ling. 3(9): 93-114.