Volume 3 Issue 4

Research Article

Rosacea and Chronic Systemic Diseases: Case-Control Study in Saudi Arabia

Norah AlOmair, Yazeed AlHussan, Mazen Alyahia, Muhannad Alzahrani, Nawaf Sallout, Afnan Elahi, Manal Hasan and Iqbal Bukhari. 3(4): 09-14.

Case Study

Role of HbA1C in Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism in Diabetes Patients: A Case Study

Gayathri Choda, Sameer Shivpure and Gundu HR Rao. 3(4): 19-25.

Case Report

Emphysematous Pyelonephritis in a Male Diabetic Patient: A Case Report

Mohammad Haroon Hassan, Nadeem Iqbal, Mahrukh Shahzad, Usman Ismail Khalid, Abeera Hassan, Maham Khalid, Mehr Majeed and Saeed Akhter. 3(4): 52-55.

Research Article

Use of Diagnostic Imaging for the Improvement of Anatomy Teaching and Learning Process

Sofía Cervantes Farías and Jacqueline Micol Martino. 3(4): 56-92.

Research Article

Educational Intervention for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Ninth Grade Students

Alba Cortes Alfaro and Damarys Chacón O’farrill. 3(4): 42-51.

Research Protocol

Treatment of Acute Renal Failure in Children by Peritoneal Dialysis

A Seba and T Yahiamessaoud. 3(4): 40-41.

Review Article

Treatment of Alzheimer Disease Using Herbal Medicine

Almoez LeDin Ellah MS Eltouny. 3(4): 93-100.

Case Report

Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris in a 2-Year-Old Arabic Male; Case Report

Radwan Abotaleb, Mazen Elyahia and Iqbal Bukhari. 3(4): 101-106.