Volume 3 Issue 10


Race for COVID-19 Vaccines

Pheiroijam Herojit Singh. 3(10): 08.

Research Article

Knowledge and Skill Assessment of Congolese Traditional Healers on Healthy and Diseased Kidney

Chantal Zinga, Ernest Sumaili, Gauthier Mesia, Francois Lepira, Jean Robert Makulo, Gaston Tona, Kalulu Taba, Mariano Lusakibanza, Vieux Mokoli, Arsene Tunga, Junior Kindala, Justine Bukabau, Jean Kayembe, Augustin Longo, Yannick Nlandu, Bruno Lapika and Nazaire Nseka. 3(10): 09-18.

Review Article

Diagnosis and Concepts of Vital Pulp Therapy in Primary Teeth

Pheiroijam Herojit Singh and Herojit Naorem. 3(10): 19-26.

Case Report

Managing Ureterocele in a Teenage Girl-Case Report

Amail Kasi, Naseem Bari, Madina Riaz, Bijay Kumar Shrestha, Anab Rehan Taseer, Ahsan Ali Khan Salik, Nadeem Iqbal and Saeed Akhter. 3(10): 27-31.

Mini Case Study

A Suicide Attempt Complicated by a Carotid Dissection

Omar El Aoufir, Sara Hassani, Firdaous Touarsa, Mohamed Jiddane and Meriem Fikri. 3(10): 32-34.

Short Communication

Face Masks can Increase COVID-19 and Respiratory Diseases

Humza Bin Masood. 3(10): 35-36.

Short Communication

Assessment of Left Ventricular Contractile Function Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Baccouch Wafa, Oueslati Sameh, Solaiman Basel and Labidi Salam. 3(10): 37-38.

Case Series

Post Covid 19 Syndrome management

Ahmed Abomahfouz, Assem Hassan Ibrahim and Mohammed Salama. 3(10): 39-40.

Case Report

Thyrotoxicosis Crisis as an Acute Clinical Presentation in a Child: One Case Report and Literature Review

Leticia Sebastian, Kassimu Bori and Amon Ryakitimbo. 3(10): 43-46.

Case Study

Prophylaxes of Aloe Vera Gel to Atopic Dermatitis and Prostatic Hyperplasia: Case Reports

Megumi Hasegawa, Akira Yagi and Suzuka Ataka. 3(10): 01-07.