EC Clinical and Medical Case Reports

Short Communication Volume 6 Issue 7 - 2023

A Short Communication on Healthy Teeth

Rehana Younus Lakhani*

Dentistry and Aesthetics, Pakistan

*Corresponding Author: Rehana Younus Lakhani, Dentistry and Aesthetics, Pakistan.
Received: June 02, 2023; Published: June 17, 2023

What things keep your teeth healthy, you must be aware. Brushing your teeth regularly is not enough to keep your teeth health, how? let me Explain you. Timing of brushing your teeth is very important, let’s say morning and evening, yes you are right, but what time? when? how? quality and appropriate brush is very important. Individuals’ need different technique and different kind of brush so as for toothpaste. Again, the timing is very important, means before going to bed and after breakfast is ideal timing for brushing, you are not allowed to have even single bite after brushing your teeth before going to bed, if you did, than again you have to clean your teeth, but not definitely with toothpaste, only brushing your teeth with water can give you enough protection, mind it this relaxation is only for once in a blue moon not always.

You are brushing your teeth 2 times a day, but the duration and the brush you are using is not suite able for your teeth, also choosing of paste, it is very important, usually whole family is using one kind of toothpaste, if it suits you, fine, but normally it is not.

Rehana Younus Lakhani. "A Short Communication on Healthy Teeth." EC Clinical and Medical Case Reports   6.7 (2023): 09-11.