Volume 1 Issue 2

Research Article

Efficiency of Butt-Welded Joints of Low-Carbon Steel for Different Types of the Cooling Rate and Annealing Time

Mustafa A Rijab, Ali I Al-Mosawi, Muhannad A Al-Najar. 1(2): 30-34.

Research Article

Recycling of Aluminum Castings Waste

Mustafa A Rijab, Ali I Al-Mosawi, Shaymaa A Abdulsada, Raied K Ajmi. 1(2): 48-55.

Research Article

Evaluate the Weldability of Stainless Steel Welded in Different Methods

Mostafa A Rijab, Ali I Al-Mosawi and Shaymaa Abbas Abdulsada. 1(2): 56-62.


One-Pot Catalyzed Synthesis of Arylamines

Maria Joao Matos. 1(2): 67.