Volume 4 Issue 2

Research Article

Anatomical Studies of Axis (C2) in Ox and its Comparison with the Similar Bone in Horse, Dog, Sheep and Goat

Kajal Rai, Rachna Soan, Balwant Meshram, Gajendra Singh and Nishant Parmar. 4(3): 01-07.

Research Article

Exploring Collaboration Pattern and Bibliographic Coupling of Anatomy Research

Mohamed Idhris and Manuelraj Peter. 4(3): 08-15.

Research Article

The Sojourn Drain Effects on Tissue Healing in Postoperative Patients

Rahul Anil Sethi, GF Avetisyan, Sanobar Shariff and Burhan Kantawala. 4(3): 27-33.

Mini Case Study

Tethered Cord Syndrome Revealing a Duplicated Filum Terminal

Zaynab Iraqi Houssaini, Mohamed Lahkim, Laila Jroundi and Fatima Zahrae Laamrani. 4(3): 16-18.