Volume 2 Issue 7

Research Article

Body Mass Index with Lifetime Risks of Cardiovascular System 2018-2019

Itedal Abdelraheem Mohamed Ahmed. 2(7): 305-310.

Case Report

Anomalous Origin of Dorsalis Pedis Artery and its Clinical Correlations- A Case Report

Raviprasanna KH, Aditya Krishna Das and Anand L Kulkarni. 2(7): 291-295.

Research Article

Isolation, Characterization of Yellow Pigments Producing Bacteria

Pratik P Joshi, Saikiran K Yewatkar, Ruchita R Ghumare and Trupti D Aglave. 2(7): 316-322.

Review Article

Heat Energy Properties of Terraforming Microorganisms

Leo M Likar. 2(7): 324-332.