Volume 2 Issue 2

Case Report

Unusual Large Submandibular Sialolithiasis (Stone) Report of One Case

Taha Elmutaz H, Mohammed Ammar MA and Abd-Alhameid Makawi A. 2(2): 69-75.

Clinical Images

A Case of Nasolabial Cyst. An Asymmetrical Malformation of the Facial Anatomy

Eleni Panagouli, Gregory Tsoucalas and Vasilios Thomaidis. 2(2): 76-77..

Letter to Editor

A Mandibular Cavity Depicted in a MRI. Breaking the Myth of the Stafne Cyst

Gregory Tsoucalas, Achilleas Siozopoulos and Vasilios Thomaidis. 2(2): 78-79.