Volume 6 Issue 4

Research Article

Tibial Intraosseous and Intravenous Administration of Epinephrine in Normovolemic and Hypovolemic Cardiac Arrest

COL Denise Beaumont, LTC Michelle Johnson, Julie G Hensler, Dawn Blouin, Joseph O’Sullivan and Don Johnson. 6(4): 10-17.

Review Article

Homecare after ICU-Discharge: The World Differences

Cassiano Teixeira. 6(4): 18-26.

Review Article

Aspects of Interest in the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Carlos de la Paz Estrada. 6(4): 01-07.

Case Report

Anesthetic Considerations in Patients Submitted to Assisted Robotic Surgery for Radical Prostatectomy: Case Report

Juan Lagarda Cuevas, Juan Carlos Ramirez Celis, Manuel Gerardo Bermudez Ochoa, Juan Manuel Rodriguez Zepeda, Salvador Juárez Pichardo, Ana Luisa Hernández Perez, Jesús Esteban Aguilar and Jesús Ruiz Diaz de León. 6(4): 31-37.

Case Report

Giant Mediastinalganglioneuroma in A Female Child

Yasser A El Sayed, Moh Fathy, Moh Salem, Alaa Eisa, Ashraf Enait, Kerolos Emad, Bothinah A Al Haseeb and Mona Atef. 6(4): 38-41.