Volume 6 Issue 1

Guest Editorial

How do Anesthesiologist Create Value in Ophthalmic Care?

Erika Reyes Espinosa del Río and Ariadna Zoe Mendez Hernandez. 6(1): 01-03.

Case Study

Anesthetic Considerations in Polymalformed Neonate, for the Closure of Myelomeningocele and Colostomy, in the Same Surgical Act

Ferreras Vega R, Gutiérrez García I, Méndez Marín MD, Gómez García J and Rubio Pascual P. 6(1): 01-04.


Management of Chronic Pain in Torture Survivors

Maria Andrea Samperio Guzman and Paul Axel Tellez Reyes. 6(1): 01-03.

Research Article

Anesthetic Induction with Ketofol for the Burned Patient

Mareli Vázquez-Barreto, Arizbe Rivera-Ordoñez and Ramón Salvador-Martínez. 6(1): 01-05.