Volume 5 Issue 11

Literature Review

External Predictors of Difficult Laryngoscopy and Airway. Are they Really Accurate? A Literature Review

Julio Marcotegui Caminero, Esperanza González Rojano, Aixa Espinosa Organista, Karina Martins Cruz and Pedro de la Calle Elguezábal. 5(11): 319-325.

Mini Review

Hemodynamic Coherence and the Microcirculation

Alka Chhabra, Sunanda Gupta, Karuna Sharma, Charu Sharma and Malav Jadeja. 5(11): 16-18.

Case Report

Using Radiofrequency Ablation for the Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome

Alvin Kennedy, Lynn Stansbury, Victor Leslie and Thelma Wright. 5(11): 23-27.