Volume 4 Issue 7


Could Optimization of Pain Psychology Help Reduce Opioid Abuse?

Shuchita Garg, Ajay Pal Singh and Anurag Tewari. 4(7): 222-224.

Research Article

End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide as Marker of Cardiac Index after Weaning from Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Vikram Somashekhar Basappanavar, Sirisha Vadlamani, Shreedhar S Joshi, Mohandas BS and Naveen G Singh. 4(7): 225-231.

Review Article

Adjuvant Drugs to Decrease the Adrenergic Response in Conventional Laryngoscopy

José Luis Álvarez-Juárez. 4(7): 232-239.

Case Report

Iatrogenic Accidental Remifentanil Bolus

Monkez Almasri. 4(7): 240-244.

Short Communication

Short Clinical Review: The Specific Indications of Epidural Analgesia during Labor

Ricardo Illia, H Scavuzzo, A Gutierrez, P Tejada and A Haidbauer. 4(7): 250-251.