Volume 3 Issue 3

Case Report

Cherubism in a Male Adolescent: A Case Report

Cleber Souza Meira, Daniela Nascimento Silva and Marcelo Borges Botelho. 3(3): 81-85.

Literature Review

Psychosocial Meanings of Life Experiences of Patients with Non-Oncologic Chronic Pain: A Literature Review

Daniela Dantas Lima, Vera Lucia Pereira Alves, Cristina Aparecida Arrivabene Caruy and Egberto Ribeiro Turato. 3(3): 94-109.

Research Article

Operational Risk Indicators in Largest Pulmonary Resections By Uniportal Vats

Javier Aragón, Itzell Pérez and Pablo Martínez-Camblor. 3(3): 110-116.