Volume 3 Issue 1


Should we De-Emphasize or Abandon Intubation During Adult Cardiac Arrest? No!

Athanasios Chalkias and Theodoros Xanthos. 3(1): 01-03.

Mini Review

Primary Cardiac Kaposiform Hemangioendothelioma: The Rare Adult-Onset. Review of the Literature

Angela Lappa, Marzia Cottini, Silvia Donfrancesco, Mariano Feccia, Amedeo Pergolini, Vincenzo Polizzi, Fabio Sbaraglia, Giada Distefano, Paola Lilla della Monica, Grillo Lucia Rosalba and Francesco Musumeci. 3(1): 04-17.

Research Article

Anaesthetic Practice in a Regional Hospital of Togo: A Retrospective Study about 1072 Cases at Kara Teaching Hospital

Pilakimwé Egbohou, Tabana Mouzou, Hamza Doles Sama and Pikabalo Tchetike. 3(1): 18-23.

Research Article

Use of Non-Invasive Ventilation VS Simple Face Mask After Extubation After Cardiac Surgery

Mohamed Helmi Afifi, Abdel Rahman Ahmed Ahmed, Amr Mohamed Allama, Khaled Mohamed Gaballah and Amal Gouda El Sayad Saafan. 3(1): 24-32.

Case Report

Ingenious Solution to Solve a Problem in a Patient with Difficult Airway

Eugenio D Martínez Hurtado, Ana Tirado Errazquin and Míriam Sánchez Merchante. 3(1): 33-35.

Case Report

Thyroidectomy: Time for a Change of View?

Eugenio D Martínez Hurtado, Norma Aracil Escoda and Míriam Sánchez Merchante. 3(1): 36-40.