Volume 2 Issue 2


Strict Glycemic Control: The Demise of another Good Strategy?

Mridul M Panditrao, Minnu M. Panditrao. 2(2): 77-81.

Research Article

Comparison of Ultrasound Guided Radial Artery Cannulation with Conventional Palpation Technique

Amna, Saira Mehboob, Waqas Alam, Amna Gulraze and Faisal Salim. 2(2): 85-89.

Research Article

Trends in Obstetrics Anesthesia, at Gondar University Hospital

Zewditu Abdissa Denu, Tadesse Awoke, Tadesse BelaynehMelkie, Mulat Adefris. 2(2): 99-105.

Case Report

One-Lung Ventilation in a Patient with a Fresh Tracheostomy - A Case Report

Ines Correia, Helena Rebelo, Claudia Pimenta, Clara Luis. 2(2): 106-109.